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We are specialists in analyzing market trends, while planning, negotiating and purchasing traditional media outlets. Our experienced and specialized team manages and optimizes your TV, radio and print investments, using the latest so”ware: Kantar Media, Infotrack, Tom Micro, and others. We suggest the best combination of media in order to launch your brand into relevance within your target demographic.

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The TV is the best platform to reach mass markets and generate notoriety and memory efficiently. Furthermore, this outlet has one of the best returns on your investment and generates a halo effect throughout the other media outlets in your campaign (offline and online), due to its ability to generate conversation amongst viewers.

Ads can be segmented by schedule and program. On top of this, Smart TVs allow us the opportunity to adjust segments with more precision since user profiles are more detailed and provide even more ways of interacting with the viewer.


Radio is another traditional media outlet, aimed for mass marketing, yet personal, as it directly accompanies users in their cars, entertains them and informs them of relevant information in their area, adding value to their daily lives. With a reasonably low cost, we are able to reach a wide audience.

Thanks to the large variety of radio programs with vastly different publics, we are able to segment, with precision, either geographically (local stations, national stations) or by topic (general, music, sports).


Advertising through print or online media is a viable option for products or services available for all types of businesses, offering the opportunity to communicate your message to a wide audience.

Print ads can be released through a large range of formats: publicity editorials, double pages, front pages, inserts, etc… By allowing us to segment geographically, demographically or by interest thanks to the large quantity of publications that exist, we are able to guarantee that your message reaches your target market.


Movie theaters as an advertising outlet are highly effective, due to the fact that viewers pay attention for a longer period of time. Ads are ignored less, as one cannot skip or fast forward in the theater, and are understood as part of the viewing experience.

Along with outdoor advertising, theater ads generate the highest recollection among consumers.


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