JFT Comunicación

Let’s make their lives last longer

Grandparents should last forever! Their love and protection is unique, and that’s why JFT Comunicación is launching a public awareness campaign to send a message to all the grandchildren out there. Wear a mask and make your grandparent’s dream to watch you grow and share life’s special moments comes true. Let’s make sure their lives last longer. Wear a mask!


We called on our own parents (as well are grandparents) and grandparents to create the face of the billboard campaign. We want to thank them not only for participating, but for giving our message a personal touch. They’re the ones who give us life!

Would you like to know who is behind?

We are the faces behind the magic. A team made up of over 60 experts in communication and digital marketing. Our main objective is to create brand value and optimize your investment.

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